Who are we?

The LMMR Company Ltd. was incorporated on the 15th April 1999 as a non-profit making company limited by guarantee (with no remuneration paid to its Directors). The primary objective of the Company is to reinstate a railway on this historic line which is recognised as Britain's first operating public railway authorised by the Act of Parliament in 1802 and which began traffic in May 1803 as the Carmarthenshire Tramroad.

What does the company plan to do?

Our scheme is utilising derelict land on the site of the former colliery at Cynheidre which is completely owned by the LMMR outright. In the long-term the railway, which closed to rail traffic in 1989 will be re-instated where possible. Our aim is to provide a heritage centre and a full size steam and diesel demonstration railway.

Work at our site at Cynheidre near Llanelli, South Wales is currently progressing. We have already managed to place a loco shed and stock shed on site. Cynheidre Station platform is also now in place, as is the majority of our initial phase running line which will initially reach over half a mile in length. We aim to create a visitor centre which will incorporate the heritage of the area and will have a tourist attraction able to provide an excellent day out for people of all ages. With a man made lake with dipping platforms and a large amount tree planting completed on site, it is also an eco-friendly project. The site will include a gift shop and café facilities.

The project will become not only a prosperous tourist attraction to regenerate Llanelli, but also provide a vital educational resource for future generations. Our site has high historical worth.

What we would like to ask you is - Would you like to become a part of this great project? If the answer is yes then please navigate to our Volunteering section to find out how to get involved.

Are we operational yet?

We are still developing the site at Cynheidre and have a dedicated team of volunteers that are working very hard to have a working railway and tourist attraction as soon as possible. We have working parties on site every Saturday morning from 11am and have various tasks to complete on any given day. All are welcome to come and help us at any time, just contact us. An extra pair of hands really does make a big difference to a project like this and we welcome all skills and ages.

We can also consider accommodating owners of stock to store vehicles on our site. Got a proposal for us? Just send us a message from the 'Contact Us' page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Project Plans - Below is an overview of our long-term aims (left) and also our initial aims (right)

To date, the following has already been achieved on site:

Formed a new access road into the site
Constructed a lake & dipping platform area
Carried out a large amount of tree planting
Cleared an area to house a car park
Carried out site levelling and clearance
Constructed a stock shed/heritage centre
Transportated our existing rolling stock to the site for secure storage
Constructed what will be the first ever station platform at Cynheidre
Laid initial rail for our running line and shed access
Constructed a steam locomotive storage shed for our 0-4-0 Avonside locomotive No. 1498 'Desmond'.

Stage 1 of the project is currently is making steady progress with no fixed date of completion due to the nature of funding involved in the project. The progress depends on volunteer numbers as well as funding applications.


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